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Happenings in our communities

We may all be different, walk different paths, do different things, look different ways, but we are all spectacular women.

Each day during 10 Days of Women has a theme, or topic, that is the focus of the day, and each event or activity will be centered on it. Not each activity is going to be a boring lecture, or a movie to watch, or a vision boarding session. We enlist the help of various organizations and professionals and come up with creative ideas for events and ways to engage our audiences.

We hope to create a dialogue among women that can be copied in any setting and with any people. To talk about the things that make us uncomfortable, in order to bind us together more and make us stronger.

10 Days of Women was created to recognize women for all that they are and all they do. This was created to celebrate the magic that is the female. They work, they provide, they nurture, they love, they hurt, they cry, just everything! We designed 10 Days of Women for all women. To empower them to continue to be fearless, to challenge them to continue to be great, and to celebrate them for all they are and all they are capable of. While we do all of this, we also want to educate and help remind women of the things that tie us all together.

The YOU Material Initiative is a local group of female entrepreneurs dedicated to serving the communities of the Charleston and surrounding areas by educating its young women on essential life skills and practices to help ensure them a bright and promising future. Societal stereotypes teach women to live their lives in service to patriarchal ideologies that have a precedent of stifling women from becoming the phenomenal beings they are.

Our mission is to provide these young women with essential tools and information to teach those to not only value themselves for who they are, but also what they offer the world. We strive, with every session, to accomplish our intentions of offering these young women hope and opportunity through our knowledge and experiences. We do this through interactive group sessions, where we offer dynamic presentations and mentorship to these young women.

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