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  1. Exquisite Exclusive: Tiffany Brown of I'm30NowWhat
    Written by: Kimberly Bowman You know…life is funny. When we are kids, we are so in love with the world. We want to do everything, be everything, go everywhere, and try everything. I can recall a number of different times as a child where I made these huge life goals for myself and made these big declarations in school and the dinner table. I was ambitious, I was curious, and most importantly, I was impatient. I had so much on my mind of what I was gonna do, and the only thing holding me back was…I’m a kid! So every time my parents and friends shut me down about things, first thing I’d say before I storm off, “I can’t wait until I’m older!” Welp. Here we are. Here is the funny part about life, they don’t tell you when you are a kid how much being an adult sucks. They make it look all glamorous, and exciting, and fun, and then WHAM! They forget about bills, responsibilities, working, having to deal with OTHER adults. Big regret, but unfortunately it’s a little too late to go back now. Tiffany Brown can testify to not having it all figured out as an adult. She’s seen and experience her fair share of adversity and discouragement, but instead of accepting defeat she found a way through! From her joy and her pain, came “I’m 30 Now What!” Now for many of us when we are young and brand new to life, we set 30 years old as the finish line for our hopes, our dreams, our goals, just everything! But many of us who aren’t even there yet, or already surpassed it can tell you, it’s probably not going to happen. Tiffany, like many adults, felt unaccomplished and defeated, but through her organization, she reminds people under and over 30 that it’s ok if you aren’t perfect by 30! No need to be in a rush, and no need to panic, it’s never too late to live life, follow your dreams, and experience things. Self-confidence and optimism are central themes for the organization, and through workshops, public speaking, and events, she reignites the fire in many of us to take on the world, no matter what age you are. Check out our exclusive with this rising entrepreneur and community leader.
  2. Exquisite Exclusive: Candace Pringle of SC Buy Black Locally
    Written by: Kimberly Bowman Entrepreneurship has reigned for centuries all around the world, but while it's defined as "taking a risk," it's really all about community. Entrepreneurs serve the community, the community patronizes the business, and community thrives from the businesses. But what if entrepreneurs were getting the support and guidance they needed into order to be able to properly serve the community and help it to thrive? This is a problem that's evident for many entrepreneurs now, specifically amongst black entrepreneurs. While many be able to get the ball rolling in the beginning, alot of them find themselves running in place after a while. This can be accredited to things like lack of resources, and access to them, or a misguided approach to entrepreneurship. Enter SC Buy Black Locally. We had the pleasure of interviewing the mastermind behind the newest business to Charleston, and its purpose? To support, promote, and assist black businesses in South Carolina. She was raised to be a voice in her community, and after be a diligent consumer to many businesses in Charleston, she noticed a trend. That trend, led to her starting SC Buy Black Locally, to serve as a platform for businesses to thrive from and build on. Learn more about this organization from Candace herself!
  3. Exquisite Exclusive: Kween Katt
    Written by: Kimberly Bowman In our latest Exquisite Exclusive, we sit down with the multi talented Anita Pringle, better known as Kween Katt. Now while she is known to most as a profound singer and rapper with a unique flow and sound, she's also been leaving a mark in a number of other areas as well. She was born a servant to her community, coming from a family of musicians and leaders, Anita saw it as her duty to rise and do something to shake things up and push her own agenda of liberation and education. Her latest music project shows great progress in her music and her purpose while putting action behind those words she spits in her community. A speaker, an advocate, and an obviously leader, Kween Katt is a force to be reckoned with on all levels, and definitely is going to slow up her independence or winning streak for any label or being. With a new book in the works, and a clothing line to reinforce the messages in her music. Her #NoReligion movement may intimidate at first, but trust, its all apart of her plan to lure you in and blow you away. Hear it from the woman herself!
  4. Exquisite Exclusive: Catrina Williams
    Written by: Kimberly Bowman The workforce has expanded greatly over the past 10 years, mainly due to the introduction of technology. But most recently what’s become popular is working from home. Just saying work from home, sounds so much better than going to work. Being able to stay home all day, in your pajamas, feet propped up on the table, or lounging in bed, no need to comb your hair, or even brush your teeth. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? The more the workforce grows; companies have made it possible for people to work from the comfort of their home. Amazon, Apple, even hotels, now offer work at home, or remote, positions for employees. Most may not know where to start when it comes to working from home, but don’t worry Catrina is here to save the day! Catrina once was like most of us, who are miserable working a 9-5 job, feeling stuck within herself and her life. But after leaving a number of various jobs, she got fed up and decided it was time for something new, and so came her journey working from home. With all the success she found there, she decided to make a career for herself helping others looking to transition from the mundane work environment, into working from home. The self-proclaimed, “work from home guru,” is now a published author and an advocate for people moving out of an “employee mindset,” and adopt a more independent way of thinking and living. Here it from the guru herself! Watch our interview with her!
  5. Exquisite Exclusive: DJ Nyjah
    Written by: Kimberly Bowman In our latest Exquisite Exclusive, we sit down with internationally known and loved DJ Nynjah of Trinidad. We get to know a bit about Nynjah and what exactly brought him here to the Holy City. Since he touched down, he’s turn the music and DJ’ing scene in Charleston upside down with his lively and entertaining presence, and great tunes. But even though he calls Charleston home for now, Nynjah is loved all around and has put his talents on display for the best of them, including some of your favorite mainstream musicians. He’s not afraid to admit that he is on a whole other level from DJs in Charleston, and even goes into detail on why so many DJs and musicians remain local in the music industry. You can’t help but love someone like Nynjah with his infectious personality and love of people. A party isn’t a party unless the DJ is there, and if you’re lucky enough to have DJ Nynjah at your party, then you’re guaranteed to have a good time. You never know what’s coming next from this guy! Outside of his DJ’ing, he continues to strengthen his footprint in the local and surrounding music scenes, with his own record label where he mentors and grooms the next generation of heavy hitters. Watch our exclusive with him and see what one of Trinidad's finest is all about!
  6. Exquisite Exclusive: Ace Alexander
    Written by: Kimberly Bowman In another one of our Exquisite Exclusives, we got a chance to meet Ace of the Arts Center for Engagement, or A.C.E.! Acecily Alexander is a familiar face to many in Charleston as a rising social media manager for many rising non profits and businesses in Charleston over the years, as well as one of the most entertaining people on social media. The talents and creativity she's enlisted to others is now a driving force behind her newest venture in the community. A native of Charleston, the arts were definitely a first love of hers, having become a published poet and author at the age of 9, going on to soar at the School of the Arts. She returns to her stomping grounds of Bridgeview with her summer camp for the youth of the area to share her love of the arts, but also inspire those she'll be working with. Watch our interview with her!
  7. Exquisite Exclusive: Teyanna Michelle
    Written by: Kimberly Bowman In another one of our Exquisite Exclusives, we introduce you to one of our Profound Solutions clients, the fabulous, incredible, beautiful, Teyanna Michelle, the innovative mind behind Homicidal Hands. The last thing that I'm sure anybody thinks about when they hear the term, "homicidal hands," is hair. The way Teyanna's mind works when it comes to creating and bringing ideas in her head is unbelievable. It may seem crazy or outlandish, but trust, there is a method to her madness. You won't understand it and that's the point! Paired with that incredible mind, her personality is one that you just can't help but to love. It's pretty obvious by her tons of followers on all of her social media accounts. Everybody loves Teyanna, including us, so we felt it necessary to pick her brain and get to know her a little, and share it with you guys! Check out our interview with her!
  8. Exquisite Exclusive: Larry Shaw
    Written by: Kimberly Bowman In another one of our Exquisite Exclusives we meet up with social entrepreneur and author Larry Shaw. He's not your usual community servant, and he does a great job of making sure that you never see him that way. His book "Raising Me," is an excellent step in the right direction of furthering his agenda and self proclaimed purpose to rebuild our communities, not from the ground up, but from the mind up. Through his work with his youth group he prepares a new generation of minds to take on the world with open minds and confidence. His efforts in the community are a clear reminder of how important it is to pass the baton back to generations to come. Check out our interview with him!
  9. Exquisite Exclusive: Krissy Gleaton of Focus Meds Pharmacy
    Written by: Kimberly Bowman In another one of our Exquisite Exclusives, we sit down with Krissy Gleaton. After over 20 years away from the Lowcountry, Krissy makes a grand return to us with opening a brand new pharmacy, Focus Meds. Now while it may not look or seem like much to most, tucked away near one of the busiest intersection of West Ashley, it's a bug check on her lists of goals. She and her business are what you could call revolutionary. Revolutionary in the sense that turns your normal experience of going to the pharmacy on it's head. With an at home feel to it, tons of convenience for her customers, Krissy does the very thing that the healthcare industry is supposed to do: put the customer first. She doesn't hide behind a huge wall of drugs, aimlessly stuffing pills in bottles and shooing customers out the door. She makes her presence felt whenever anyone walks through her door, be it in greeting you with a smile, educating customers on their prescriptions, consulting them on their diagnosis, helping them make smart decisions on their health, even hosting monthly workshops to further build on her relationships with her clients. Check out our exclusive interview with Krissy!
  10. Exquisite Exclusive: Mayor John Tecklenburg
    Written by: Kimberly Bowman Now we've done a ton of interviews in our day, but we just can't help but feel like the GOAT for getting this interview. In this Exquisite Exclusive, we got to hang out with the honorable Mayor Tecklenburg of our fair city of Charleston. As you may recall, Tecklenburg ran an incredible campaign for mayor in addition to his already seasoned political and entrepreneurial palette. His win was a breathe of fresh air for the entire Lowcountry after a more than 20 year reign of Mayor Riley, but with that came big shoes to fill. He didn't waste anytime making his presence and dedication to Charleston felt, including making tons of appearances at events, festivals, and gatherings all around Charleston. What I noticed most about him when he was running, and even during the interview, is that he is always smiling. His smile makes you smile and just makes you feel so great about life even if everything you know is going down the drain. It's safe to say that John Tecklenburg is not your average politician or leader and doesn't plan to be. He, and his family, have been in love with the city of Charleston since he was a child. His journey to the Mayor's Office is definitely an interesting one that he shares with us. He is living proof that you can BE from Charleston, and actually BE something or DO something in Charleston. Watch our interview with him:
  11. Exquisite Exclusive: Teen Moms Defy The Odds
    Written by: Kimberly Bowman I remember the look on my mom’s face when my sister, at 16 years old, told her that she was pregnant. The pain. The disappointment. The stress. The worry. As a young girl, I could tell, this was not good news to bring home. I’m sure many young girls under the age of 10 who do quite understand the “birds and the bees” yet could understand exactly how I was feeling. As I got older, entered high school, and went through this horrible thing called, “puberty,” I started realize why my mother felt the way she did all those years ago. How could somebody be ready for motherhood at such a young age? The sacrifices, the sleepless nights, the overall responsibility of caring for another life AND your own? What mother wouldn’t be upset if THEIR baby is giving birth to another baby. Let’s not even mention the scrutiny, insults, and unwanted shaming they experience from others judging them for their decisions. Shows like Teen Mom, and other reality shows don’t even portray fully what it’s like being a teen mom. Overall, it’s clear that being a teen mom is a tough job to have. Society may count these young women out as soon as those two lines show up on that pregnancy test, but that doesn’t mean that THEIR LIFE ends at that point or that they should give up. We, at So Exquisite Charleston, wanted to prove just that! We sat down with three extraordinary women in Charleston, who each own their own businesses and have their own brands, work in the community, and were at one point in their lives teen moms. Although life may have thrown a curveball at these ladies early on, they defied the odds! They each completed school and started businesses, all while raising their children to be outstanding people. The purpose of this project is not to glorify being a teen mom, but to show young women that find themselves in this situation that life doesn’t end with a baby. Watch now!
  12. Exquisite Exclusive: VT
    Written by: Kimberly Bowman With all of the racial tension happening in America right now in response to police brutality and police shooting unarmed black men, social media in a frenzy, and Donald Trump being elected president, its refreshing to see positive images in the black community. We got the opportunity to be apart of something particularly positive this past weekends with local rapper VT. With an already promising future in music, VT has been really hard at work with various entrepreneurial efforts around town. His latest venture is his own clothing line, Young Kings and Young Queens. This weekend he had his official launch for his line at Lim’s in Northwoods Mall, and guess who got a chance to chat with the rapper himself? Us, duh. Watch our interview with him:.
  13. Exquisite Exclusive: The Beaux Affair
    Written by: Kimberly Bowman In another one of our Exquisite Exclusives, we sit down with the male youth organization the Beaux Affair. An organization born from the hearts of individuals who wanted to help the underserved youth in Charleston, the Beaux Affair has been changing the lives of young men and their families for almost 30 years. Through their 9 month program, they expose these young men to various experiences and environments in an attempt to teach them life skills and adulthood principles. It's unbelievable how organizations like this fly under the radar when they are doing such amazing work in our communities. A staff of all male volunteers who want nothing more then to see our youth soar lead these young men, group by group, to their greatness. What's most notable is the effect that this program has on its participants. They come in boys, and leave out young men ready to take on the world. The lessons instilled in them help them to do just that, but also encourage them to want to come back. The joy in their eyes of reminiscing on their experience in the program and just thinking of being able to give back to the community the way that the elders during their time did, was heart warming to see. The Beaux Affair is quietly grooming the world's next doctors, lawyers, teachers, computer technicians, and overall leaders. But the program's elders don't do it for a paycheck or an award, they do it because programs like these are necessary in our communities. They are needed to fill in the gap that exists within so many of our youth. The only way we can have a better tomorrow, is if we start creating leaders to lead us to that today, and that's where the Beaux Affair wins. Watch our interview with some of the organizations leaders!
  14. Exquisite Exclusive: Charlamagne Tha God
    Written by: Kimberly Bowman In another one of our crazy weekend adventures at camp So Exquisite Charleston, we got the opportunity to attend infamous radio personality, Charlamagne Tha God’s annual Turkey Giveaway at Berkley High School. Now the world may know him for his straight forward, blunt, yet hilarious personality, but that’s definitely not what you see when he’s back home in Moncks Corner. We got a chance to talk to the man of the hour during the festivities and he spoke to us about the importance of giving back when you’ve “made it.” Everyone dreams of being rich and famous one day, but nobody really thinks about what to do with that fame and all those riches once you have it. Some choose to throw it at materialistic things, while others choose to dump it back into the communities that made them who they are. Not much is in Moncks Corner, and not many people make it out, but Charlamagne’s love for his hometown and his roots would make you think its Hollywood! What I admire about Charlamagne, when he is on the radio, on television, or giving away turkeys is that his intent and his message is always positive. He just wants to be an example for people that the impossible is very possible. It doesn’t matter if you come from Atlanta, LA, or Moncks Corner, SC, you can make it out and follow your dreams, but while you are following your dreams, look back and inspire the next person. Watch our interview with him!
  15. Exquisite Exclusive: Kimberly Gunn
    Written by: Kimberly Bowman What happens when you put two Kimberlys in a room together? Nothing short of a lot of laughter, catchphrases, and story telling. In another one of our Exquisite Exclusives, we sit down and talk with singer, songwriter, writer, blogger, entrepreneur, and Woman of God, Kimberly Gunn. As you can see it’s easier to say what she doesn’t do, versus what she does do. The Georgia native came all the way to Charleston just to talk to little ole us about her Love and Soul Experience, which is making a stop in Charleston Friday, November 18th. One can’t help but to marvel at the woman that Kimberly is, especially for all that she does. Like many musicians, she found the power of music in church as a child, but didn’t tap into her potential until a little over 5 years ago. Since then, her angelic voice has taken on a world wind of a journey since releasing her first project. She uses her music as her platform to uplift and inspire people, but also redefine what it means to be an artist. She doesn’t hide behind the microphone, or in the studio, but she lets her voice be heard beyond it, one being the Love and Soul Experience. Through this night of laughter, emotion, and entertainment, Kimberly brings communities together under one roof and brings the joy back into people’s lives. This is an experience that you NEED to have. In a nutshell, Kimberly Gunn runs the world. Enough said! Watch our interview with her!
  16. Exquisite Exclusive: Star2Be Productions
    Written by: Kimberly Bowman With over 10 years of hard work and service to the people and communities of Charleston, Cassandra Drayton and the Star2Be Production team are finally getting the recognition they deserve. The one and only Ms. Drayton, as she refers to herself, is one of the honorees at this year’s 2016 Geechee One Awards, and at the 2016 Independent Tone Awards as well. For those who aren’t aware of who Cassandra is, you may be familiar with her work. Through her guidance, teaching, and mentoring, she’s started the careers of many of Charleston’s most talented models and musicians. But little do many know, it didn’t start out like that for her. It all actually started at home, just cooking for families in the community and providing a safe haven for children by providing them with a safe environment for them to do homework and have fun, and also work. It’s obvious her love for the community didn’t just come up one day; it’s been something that’s been a part of her since she was a child. She was always known as someone that would help anybody in any way possible, and she carried that with her into adulthood and taught that same attitude to her children. That shared value of community and helping people is what Star2Be Productions is built on, especially with is being a family business. Cassandra Drayton is an unsung hero and leader in the Charleston community. But she doesn’t do what she does for fame or money, it’s the smiles on people’s face and the idea of helping people achieve their goals that keep her going and make this all worthwhile. Watch our interview with Cassandra and her daughter Shay, where they talk about how the business got started and what’s next for them.
  17. Exquisite Exclusive: Michael Johnson of the ColourDen
    Written by: Kimberly Bowman You know what I love about art? It’s more than one way to create art. You don’t have to be a Picasso, or know how to create a Mona Lisa; it’s not even about that anymore. In fact, art has been totally redefined as of lately. It’s quite literally just expression now. Expression of feeling, life, moods, experiences, its everything! On a local level, no one encompasses this idea of art as complete expression more that Michael Johnson. What I like about Michael is that he doesn’t just express himself through art; he does it through a number of different avenues of art including singing and fashion. Through the unique art form of Batiking, he’s created his own style and movement of art, which he simply calls the ColourDen. His positive way of thinking and living shines brightly through his work, and with his infectious smile. Taking the inspiration from unfortunate experiences in his life, and his mother and family’s support and encouragement he continues to expand in expressing himself through his work. Watch our interview with him!
  18. Exquisite Exclusive: Kolpeace
    Written by: Kimberly Bowman I’m not sure if he knew what was going to come out of painting on his first canvas in his dorm during his junior year of college, but I’m sure he is happy that he did. In another of our Exquisite Exclusives, we get a chance to sit down with local artist, Kolpeace, more formally known as Christopher Johnson. If you frequent a lot of events and social gatherings in Charleston, you may have seen him or some of his work before. He may be shy, but his work is something that speaks volumes to you, be it small live pieces or grand murals. At such a young age, his work has already been featured in tons of exhibits and shows at Charleston Southern University, where he currently attends school, and around the state. While he may be a fan of many other artists, but he definitely takes much of his inspiration for his pieces from people, his surroundings and music of course. He’ll pick your face out of a crowd and create and create a masterpiece right before you in minutes. The whole experience of watching him perform and then to see the final piece is truly magical! That same magic he uses in his performances is what he shares in the community, leading art classes for children at a neighborhood community center. In a little under a few years, CJ has certainly created a heck of a resume for himself, and with the passion he has for what he does, it all bond to lead to a continued success.
  19. Exquisite Exclusive: Chaquis Maliq
    Written by: Kimberly Bowman Standing just a few inches over 5 feet tall, Chaquis is a young woman with an amazing story and a whole lotta soul. Hailing from the west coast, since she’s made her way to Charleston, she’s been making her mark in the local music industry with her unique way of creating and performing her music. With a guitar, her voice, and all the bells and whistles, literally, needed she’s become a one woman power house. Through the course of her career, she’s traveled to various places around the country, and you can definitely hear it in her music. Music is more than just singing into a microphone, or strumming a few keys on her guitar, it’s an experience. Every song she writes, every album or mixtape she releases, every performances she does, it’s just pieces of her soul she shares with us. The few minutes of an interview we got with her offer just a peak into the amazing individual and multi-talented artist that she is. Watch our interview her before her MOJA Arts Festival performance!
  20. Exquisite Exclusive: Joyce Coleman of the Presige Prep Academy
    Written by: Kimberly Bowman It’s said that dreaming is something only done by children, or something we do when sleeping or passing the time. Most people don’t think much of these dreams and desires, merely as irrational or foolish. But for Joyce Coleman, dreaming wasn’t just something she did to occupy her mind during idle conversation, but instead she’s built a career from them. A woman who has spent the majority of her life as a servant to school systems on the east coast, brightening the futures of students and teachers alike. She wouldn’t even let retirement from being an educator stop her from going back to work to bring to life her dream of opening her own institution. That passion, drive, and optimism is what brought the Prestige Preparatory Academy to life here in Charleston. Ms. Coleman spent her life improving schools, and decided it was time for her to build one from the ground up. Hearing her story was one thing, but to actually walk through the hall ways and see the light and promise in each students eyes was so much more. This school was, and is her dream. Her baby that she brought to life, and through the formatting and curriculum she encourages her students to not just dream, but to have the will to bring it to fruition. Hear Ms. Coleman’s powerful story:
  21. Exquisite Exclusive: Jeff Leinberger of the Dream Center Clinic
    Written by: Kimberly Bowman Picture this. You go for your annual checkup at the doctor and find out that you have diabetes. Not the greatest news in the world, because you have one of the best doctors treating you and your health insurance is paying for it. Now what if one day lost that health insurance, because maybe the company went out of business or you lose your job that you got the insurance through. What now? Most of us don't really have a plan B when posed with their question. You are newly diagnosed with diabetes and need treatment and management! You can’t afford to see the doctor you were seeing before now, so now you are stuck. And depending on how long this lasts for you, your health conditions won’t get any better. Situations like these, and so many others, are too familiar for many Americans now. It may be law that everyone needs to have health insurance, but that doesn’t mean all are able to afford it. The Dream Center Clinic at Seacoast Church strives to fill this gap in poverty stricken communities in North Charleston, providing a 100% free health clinic to those without health insurance. That’s right; you read that right, FREE. No more having to just deal with your symptoms until your next pay day or until you can scrape up the money. You can go to this clinic, any Tuesday evening and get the help you need. Medical professionals and providers from facilities all around Charleston come together to provide care to in the North Charleston, Hanahan, and now West Ashley areas of Charleston. To witness how it all comes together every week is tremendous, and the impact this center has had on the community has been nothing short of that Director Jeff Leinberger sits down with us and talks about the center, and the real life miracles that take place within their walls. Serving over 6,000 people in Charleston since Jeff has been at the helm, they celebrate their success every year with a community walk and celebration. Hear more about it!
  22. Exquisite Exclusive: 40oz
    Written by: Kimberly Bowman It's not everyday that we get to interview legends, so you can imagine the excitement I had when meeting 40oz. You would think the man behind so many of our favorite local tracks for over 10 or so years, would be someone living it up like they do on MTV cribs. But 40oz chooses to celebrate his years of success in the most humblest of ways. Snuggled behind his home in North Charleston, you’ll find where the magic happens. 40oz studios is the holy grail of music production for artists in Charleston. I remember overhearing two artists talking in Walmart talking about him and his production skills as if he were an urban legend, but he’s very much the real deal. You want a hit record, or your album done the right way, you go to 40oz and he doesn’t disappoint. He’s come a long way and see every side of the music industry imaginable, but production has always had a special place in his heart. Watch our exclusive interview with him at his studio where he tells us how it all got started and the many lessons he’s learned over the course of his career.
  23. Exquisite Exclusive: Potluck in the Park
    Written by: Kimberly Bowman So I’m getting off of the Meeting street exit of the interstate, and come around the curve and see a red light so I stop. That to me was the perfect opportunity to inhale some of my fries I just got from McDonalds. I’ve got my fries, soda, and some chicken nuggets to look forward to, life is great! But before I begin demolishing my food, I look over to my right and I see something. A woman. On the corner, near the light holding a sign. NO WHERE TO GO, HAVEN’T ATE IN DAYS The expression on her face was a pained one. It was like she was every emotion all at once. So you can only imagine the guilt that came over me holding my food, while this woman continues to suffer. Instead of pretend as if she didn’t exist, and continuing to eat, I pulled over, got out my car, and gave her the whole bag of food. Now not everyone may be as remorseful or kind hearted as I am in those situations, but that image is all too familiar for people all around the Charleston area. More and more you saw people standing on street corners, bus stops, grocery store parking lots, everywhere, begging and asking for help. They are one of the most overlooked populations on the planet, but as more and more people become homeless every day, its pretty hard to ignore them any longer. Now while the local government and law enforcement maybe looking for ways to isolate them or scare them off, there are some organizations that actively work to them. With political origins, but a people and community based purpose, Potluck in the Park works actively in Charleston to provide to the homeless, what they sometimes go days without. Food. Every Sunday, downtown on America and Columbus streets, this small group of people comes together with homemade food to share with the homeless people in the community. In addition to great food, you are surrounded by amazing people from all around the community who come out to support and bring food. We got the opportunity to chat with one of the organization’s fearless leaders, where she talks about how the organization came to be. Watch now:
  24. Exquisite Exclusive: Demetria McNeil
    Written by: Kimberly Bowman I remember the first time one of my friends told me about Demetria. I said, “well what does she do?” and he said, “OH MY GOD SHE IS AMAZING!” Let’s just say, after actually meeting her and sitting down to hear her amazing story, and see the pure passion in her eyes that she has, amazing does not even touch the surface of what this young lady is. She is most known to the people of Charleston, as a trained dancer in many styles of dancing. She has a long history of dance since she was a child, doing everything from hip hop dancing, marching band dancing, tap, and ballet. She’s been in competitions, contests, shows, organized events, she’s done it all! When I was 19, I barely had rhythm, but Demetria I’m sure could run with the best of them and blow everyone away. And its not just a hobby for her, its not just something she does just because, she lives and breathes dance. Every time during our interview, and just hanging with her, when she talks about dance her eyes light up and you can see the joy that it has brought to her and continues to do. But while some may take something as dance as just a hobby, for Demetria its something so much bigger. That same intellect that put her in the top of her class, and sent her off to Benedict College, she is using to build a brand around dancing. Just a few weeks earlier, she hosted her first dance class, which in the future, she hopes to develop into a traveling dance company. Around her dancing she is making countless entrepreneurial efforts to inspire people, including a clothing line. Who wants to bet money that she’ll solve world hunger and find the cure to cancer before she is 25? Demetria’s enthusiasm for dance and entrepreneurial spirit is remarkable and a notable example of what it means to have a voice for yourself and stand for what you want and believe in. We always here about the traditional routes that people take to be successful, but rarely do we hear stories like this. Learn more about this phenomenal women in our interview with her!
  25. Video Title
    Written by: Kimberly Bowman Last week, we had the pleasure of being invited out to Lowcountry Rise’s Back to School Supply Drive and Softball Challenge. Charleston’s latest non-profit organization, challenged the North Charleston Police Department to a softball game against the program’s participants. The NCPD put up a good fight but in the end they lost to Lowcountry Rise! During the game we got an exclusive with the founders of the program and one of the participants to learn more about it and the effect it has had on the community. Watch it!
  26. Exquisite Exclusive: Mani & Maya's Fruity Treats
    Mani & Maya have become Charleston's favorite sister duo! They have been taking the world on by storm with their delicious fruit drinks and snacks and just overall adorableness. What started out as just them both wanting to work during the summer of 2018, quickly turned into a full time business for them both! Their drinks are even in stores now! They are definitely #GOALS for any kid around the age of 11 and 12 years old!
  27. Exquisite Exclusive: Davida Johnson of Hair Bakery
    Davida Johnson is a force to be recokened with! Not only is she the head "chef" at the Hair Bakery, she is an MBA student raising the bar in the local beauty industry. With her definitive purpose and creative community engagement techniques, she sure is covering alot of ground to only have been in business for less than a year! Watch her interview now!
  28. Exquisite Exclusive: Octavia Cohens of Copper Cohens
    Octavia is inspiring soul who has used her experience and her love of culture to create a business that does more then just provide you with some of the most intricate wooden jewelry you'll ever see. Hear her incredible testimony and how she is using her alopecia diagnosis to bring together the community.
  29. Exquisite Exclusive: Ray DeeZy
    Ray DeeZy is one of the most slept on musicians in the Charleston area, with a music career that spans further than most indie artists of today. Fresh off of the release of his third, and highly anticipated, EP WHEN IT ALL BOILS DOWN, DeeZy remains hungry for success and continues to raise the bar for what it means to be a rapper in Charleston. He makes his own beats, he designs his own merchandise, what can't this guy do? Look out Lowcountry, Ray DeeZy is coming for everything he deserves, from 2019 and beyond.
  30. Exquisite 15: Salis Grant
    Salis Grant is true goals for any cosmetologist in the Lowcountry. With a career of over 10 years of cosmetology on her resume, she has crafted a style like no other and continues to push past any limitations that dare stand in her way. Born and raised in the heart of Charleston, it took her leaving for bigger and better opportunities to tap into her potential, and help others do the same. Learn more about this beauty here!

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